Welcome to our new in-console rules composer!

This is a tool created for you and your team to be able to easily create filters or boosts, without leaving the comfort of the LiftIgniter console. 

A Filter is a type of rule that will narrow down the pool of potential recommendations down, based on certain criteria. 

Each account has a basic filter by default. This basic rule is a set of criteria that is applied to all recommendations (without another rule specifically applied to them). The default criteria for the basic filter is: 

This just helps to make sure the content is published, not expired, and the user has not seen that item before. If there are additional criteria that are specific to your organization but that apply to all of your recommendations they can be added to the basic rule. 

    *Please note: While the rules tab is in its beta phase, you may only have read only access to this tab. If you need a rule updated or if you would like to request edit access to the beta rules tab please don’t hesitate to let us know at support@liftigniter.com

This is an example of a filter would be category must equal the category of the page where the recommendation is being made from. Even though you may have lots of inventory items in your catalog, you are creating a rule that says only return items that have a value of the same category as the current page. (If you are showing recommendations on an ‘action’ page, then all of the recommendations shown will also have a category of action.)

The above filter can be read as the category of the returned recommendations must match the category of the page that made the request for recommendations. 

A Boost is our second type of rule. A boost allows you to override what would have been the returned recommendation(s) based on your preferences. So if a given user is browsing movies on your site, he or she may see a recommendation for a romantic comedy, an action movie, and lastly a documentary. 

You can add a boost that will have preference over these three items. So if my boost is: 

This boost can be read as, on a page where the category is action (this is my Trigger) in slot 1, for 50% of impressions, return an item that has a category set to horror. 

This can be useful if you have a sponsored piece of content that you would always like to show in a particular slot. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to see the Rules tab, let’s get started on creating our very first filter!