The purpose of this section is to provide a high-level overview of how to properly use our Catalog tab.

Summary: Landing page when you click on "Catalog" in the left navigation bar.

[Red Box - top] - Search Bar: Entry field to search for specific catalog items.

[Yellow Box - left] - Filter by Category: Select one or more filters to narrow down your selection pool.

[Green Box - right] - Catalog Item List: A pre- or post-filter catalog list that contains up to 100 items total.

Summary: Specific catalog item page when you click on an item in the Catalog List (see above).

[Yellow Box - top] - Catalog Item: Displays the specific item ID (typically a URL) and all available metadata for the item.

[Red Box - bottom] - Recommendation Suggestions: A potential list of recommendations that could be applied to a "cold-start" user that is currently viewing this specific catalog item. On the right-side, you can see a few example reasons for why each item would be recommended. However, it is important to note that the "Catalog Tab" is merely an illustrative tool to be referenced by customers and is not an accurate reflection of how our product operates.