Our API integration has three key components, plus an optional fourth, for sending user-specific data. 

  1. Inventory - the items that LiftIgniter should recommend
  2. Model - requests to this endpoint generate a list of recommendations (returned in JSON format) and are the only API calls that count towards billing.
  3. Activity - LiftIgniter requires tracking of several types of events to effectively train our models. These are: pageview, widget_shown, widget_visible, and widget_click.

It is very common to use a hybrid integration, where our Javascript SDK's track function can do the heavy lifting for activity tracking. This can save considerable development time.

You may find it helpful to see LiftIgniter in action via our Javascript integration, both in a 100% LiftIgniter integration, and in an A|B test, where our recommendations overwrite the control slice ("base") of the test before being tracked.

Postman Collection

We've also created a Postman Collection to demonstrate the various fields required for each endpoint, and in particular the various JSON fields required for each event type going to the /activity endpoint. You can view the Postman version of our API documentation here. You can also import the collection into your own Postman client.